Name your images right


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important concept for bloggers to understand.

The key to SEO is learning how Google “sees” your website.

One of the things that Google looks at is the name of your images.

Let’s say that you have a picture of you as a lifestyle coach and you looking for clients near where you live.

And the image you upload to your site is named DSC_10234.jpg.

When Google looks at that page on your blog it will think that the image is of a “DSC_10234”.

As you know, that’s not what you want Google to think your image is about.

So, before you upload an image for your post, be sure to change the name to match the topic you are posting about.

If we stick to the lifestyle coach example, something like your-name-lifestyle-coach-your-location.jpg would work perfectly. It will help you come up in Google search when people search for lifestyle coaches in your area.

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