How to be successful in business

The secret of a successful business is being able to enjoy the present moment. It is good to have a goal, but if you are constantly concentrating on the goal you want to reach you will be facing a problem:

The goal is in the future and the future is not real.
Only the present moment is real.

The secret is not how hard you try, but how much are you able to enjoy the process while you get there. If you get into the habit of focusing on your goals too much and push too hard without enjoying the process itself, you will never really enjoy life. You won’t really feel successful eighter, because once you reach a goal you will find another one. This is how your brain works and it always needs more and more.

It is so easy to forget about enjoying the present moment, although ultimately this is the only thing we have.

Ask the question, how can I enjoy and appreciate what I have? 
How can I acknowledge it as a success right now?

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