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I am going to list here the most important tactics that you must implement if you want to have more visitors on your blog and increase your traffic the right way.

1. Publish quality content regularly

Content is still the king in online marketing and it is the best way to make sure people will find you. The content can be: written, recorded as video, recorded as audio (podcast). All of them are good ways to get noticed online.

2. Social sharing

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter still rock! You don’t have to use all of them, but use at least one of them! If your content is video, use Youtube, still the best way to get noticed! Use Pinterest if you are happy with producing quality pictures!

Add a sharing button to your website, so others could share your content as well. My recommended plugin for WordPress is Social Warfare.

Place links to your blog in your email signature, on your personal Facebook profile, on your LinkedIn profile & so on.

3. Get quality links from popular websites

For example, write guest posts for websites with more traffic than yours.

4. Build relationship

Go where your audience is. It can be in-person events or hanging out online in Facebook groups.
Leave meaningful comments on relevant blogs, and respond to comments on your blog.

5. Make sure your website is Google friendly

Website speed, mobile friendly, SEO…..Spend some time learning about Google Webmaster Guidelines. Use SEO Keywords. If you don’t have time for this hire a professional to do some SEO for you.

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