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an ideal starting point for your DIVI website 

I created a Blueprint template based on my years of experience of working with creatives, entrepreneurs, and change makers.

The blueprint is optimized for therapists,
but they can be used for any service-based business or selling products.

It is not just a template with dummy text but a complete guidance about what to write. You can choose from 4 styles, so you don’t have to think about color palettes or fonts, you can start to use right away.

You can choose from 4 styles

Based on the 4 astrological element


Earth people are grounded, practical, disciplined and focused. They like instruction, rules, and results combined with dependable routine. They are also super organized and clean. In short, earth people are such perfectionists, they are always ready to take on any job or task themselves just to ensure it’s done properly. Even then, earth people don’t feel like they—or anything they do—is ever good enough.


Air people are brilliant, curious, independent, talkative (they literally fill the air with words), observant, and entertaining, but they are also impractical and restless. Air people are intellectuals always on a quest for new information.


Fire people are enthusiastic, impulsive, inspirational, humorous, dramatic and fun. They are natural performers. While fire people easily swing from one extreme to the other, it is important to remember that fire people speak and act straight from the heart. They deliver everything with passion.


Water people are emotional, intuitive, deeply creative, empathetic, spiritual and psychic. Water allows people to emotionally connect with others. Read more about the astrological elements here.

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