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My favourite plugins

This is my list of my favourite plugins, that will ensure good performance and security or other functions. It might change from project to project time to time, but in average these are …

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How to start a website – about hosting and domain name

 Why WordPress? There are tonnes of tools out there, to build a website on your own or by a help of a professional. I recommend WordPress as it is a big community and …

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How to use Pinterest for business

I love Pinterest for gathering ideas and inspirations for creative projects. I like it because it uses visual images to communicate ideas so I find it really effective to feel inspired. I use …

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Optimize your images for WordPress

The size of the image you upload to your website is very important. It is important because if the image is too big, it will slow down the website speed. And the website …

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Should you use a page builder for your WordPress project?

When I first started out building WordPress websites I was surprised how it is dependent on knowing some coding (HTML, CSS and PHP is a must for WordPress). I was happy to learn …

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What is Google webmaster tool?

Every time I create a new site I register it with Google Webmaster tool. Why? I want to make Google pick up the new site quickly, so I submit/check a sitemap for the website. …

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Best time tracker

If you want to track your time either because you work on pay per hour basis, or you just curious how much time do you spend with a task, I suggest to check …

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How booking can help you save time?

For many of us technology seems overwhelming and hard to see if it makes life easier or not. Well it really depends on how we use it. It often adds to the overwhelming, …

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How to get free images for your blog?

Here is a list of my favourite websites where you can find great photos you can use absolutely free for your blog:

Let’s talk about SEO

So if you start your blog, your content can help you to come up in Google search engine. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the magic word. Some hints to understand the basics of SEO: …

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How do I come up with ideas for my blog?

Blogs offer the perfect opportunity to share personal stories about your business, such as what inspired you to open your store, events you have attended, and personal stories featuring your products or services. It will make a connection with your customers …

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How can a blog grow your business?

A blog is not just a tool for self expression, but a very effective way to market your business.  It’s the most cost-effective way to attract customers who are searching online for exactly the products or services you provide. Why? …

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