Web design services for making a difference

Hi, I am Agnes ♥

I design and develop WordPress websites that help creative hearts, healers, changemakers get seen and heard.

I want to help you express your authentic voice through your website, in a way that will serve your purpose and clients.

Simplified, focused, clutter-free web design that helps you shine online

As an empath myself I know exactly how hard it is to show our authentic selves through our website and be visible online. I can help you feel clear, focused and in control of your own website.

Values I care about

  • Simplicity. My design process is easy to follow and well organized, so you should feel clear along the way as we are creating your website
  • Clear user experience. You and your client should feel at ease browsing your website
  • Goal-oriented. Use only things that help to spread your message. Every page is designed for a particular purpose and conversion-optimized
  • Quality tech. The quality and content of the website inline with Google recommendations – and surely they are also mobile-friendly
  • You are in control. I make sure that I teach you every necessary thing to fully take advantage of your website
  • Soul led business. I love working with people who follow their heart and intuition

Short bio: I was always a tech woman, learning IT at college and working in the civil service for 12 years, but found it didn’t have enough space for me to be inventive and creative, so it was a breath of a fresh air to leave it and start a new venture with my husband in 2006. First I started developing websites for our own small company and as I gained the knowledge I decided to start building a website for others as well, and started a freelance web design career. I have a deep passion for seeking how we can live a joyful life and along the way, I have learned many things to support that, including yoga, astrology and Ayurveda. I am committed to being a lifelong learner.

I believe the best things are always very simple, that is why I’ve chosen the name: zendesign. I enjoy the little things in life and truly believe, that we can make the world a better place if we are happy.

My passion also includes nature, I love being and sleeping outside! If I am not in front of the computer I am probably hiking!

I also care about

I support the website of the Red Tent Directory a monthly meeting place where women come together for mutual support.
It is very important to me to live in harmony with nature, not to harm each other and the planet. I regularly donate to plant trees and I am a proud treesister.
create a profitable, sustainable, meaningful business

Let’s connect

I can gently assist you in  being visible online. With the right tools and support, you will be able to overcome the fear of technology and the internet and be able to finally share your light with the world.

I offer a 15-minute,

no-obligation online consultation.

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